Revenue Cycle Management

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PracticeMax, with over 45 years of experience, provides end-to-end solutions for optimizing the revenue cycle:

Business management

Billing and Collections

Ensuring Financial Health in Your Revenue Cycle Management.
In the complex landscape of healthcare, PracticeMax takes charge of billing and collections, offering comprehensive solutions to optimize your revenue cycle:

Billing Services: Timely and accurate submission of claims to maximize reimbursement.
Collections Management: Efficiently manage accounts receivable to accelerate cash flow.
Denial Management: Identify and address denied claims promptly for optimized revenue.
Payment Plans: Implement patient-friendly payment plans to enhance collections.
Technology-Driven Solutions: Utilize cutting-edge technology for streamlined billing processes.

Coding and Compliance

Optimize revenue while reducing risk.
Navigating complex and ever-changing regulations is paramount. PracticeMax ensures compliance across inpatient, outpatient, and medical practice settings, offering:

Professional Coding: CPT, HCPCS, documentation review, optimization, and validation.
Compliance: Plan development, implementation, audits, evaluations, monitoring, training, and education.
Industry Standards: HIPAA security risk assessments, federal and state licensure, accreditation, and audit preparedness.
Coding and Compliance Audits: Thorough reviews to ensure adherence to coding guidelines and regulatory requirements, minimizing risks and optimizing revenue.

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Business Intelligence Payer and Hospital Contracting Business Intelligence

Strategically negotiate for financial success.
Our experts understand the importance of negotiating financially sound payer and hospital contracts. We offer:

Payer Contracting: Negotiation, evaluation of terms, monitoring reimbursement, and staying current on market trends.
Hospital Contracting: Support for physician practices, drafting and negotiating agreements, and adhering to federal and state regulations.

Business Intelligence

Gain valuable insights with business intelligence solutions.

Staying ahead in the challenging healthcare environment requires actionable intelligence. Our proprietary reporting and data visualization platform, MaxIntel, empower practices and healthcare organizations to optimize operational, business, and financial performance. Key benefits and features include:

Summary View: An overview of charges, payments, and adjustments with easy data filtering.
Practice Management Data: In-depth insights into charges, payments, adjustments, and accounts receivable.
Denial Monitoring: Track denial reasons, number of denied claims, percentage of total claims, and detailed line item information.
Claims Processing Cycle: Phase-specific information with benchmarking against state and national averages.
Provider Benchmarking: Compare provider, department, and practice E&M code distribution to Medicare bell curve.
Performance Monitoring: Monitor provider RVU, patient throughput benchmark data, and more.

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Unlock your potential and transform your Revenue Cycle!

Billing and Collections

Timely submission, efficient management, and technology-driven solutions.

Claims Management

Comprehensive oversight to ensure accurate and timely claims processing.

Coding and Compliance

Adherence to coding guidelines and regulatory requirements.

Business Intelligence and Web-Based Reporting

Actionable insights for optimized performance.

Patient Collections and Payment Plans

Patient-friendly solutions to enhance collections.

Practice Management

Fee and cost analysis, negotiation, and contracting support.

Reimbursement Analysis

All-In-depth analysis to maximize reimbursement.

Documentation Review and Training

Ensure accurate and compliant documentation practices.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Precise financial management for your practice.

Provider Credentialing and Enrollment

Streamlined processes for provider enrollment.

EHR Solutions, Support, and Optimization

Comprehensive electronic health record solutions.

Meaningful Use

Guidance and support to meet meaningful use requirements.

Coding and Compliance Audits

Thorough reviews to minimize risks and optimize revenue.

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