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MaxIntel is our reporting and data visualization tool that provides quick and easy access to survey results.  Have the ability to see community or corporate level information at the click of a button.  Whether you have one Independent Living community or hundreds, you will have all of the information you need to make good decisions and improve care.


Our survey process, MaxInsight, utilizes cutting edge technology and years of experience to deliver surveys in a variety of tested and effective methods. We can deploy surveys via mail, email, kiosk, phone, tablet, text or just about any delivery method you can imagine.  Our MyOpinionCounts response system ensures the best response rates in the Assisted Living industry.  Let us help create a personalized system to meet your needs.

Increase Resident Referrals

Not only are we leaders in understanding your residents’ willingness to recommend, but PracticeMax is a leader in driving recommendations. Through communication plans, outreach campaigns and ongoing automation programs, we have a system that will increase referrals and maximize your best resources for new business.

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