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Business Intelligence

Turn your revenue cycle information into income

Successfully manage your radiology practice with actionable business intelligence to support strategic decision making

MaxIntel provides practices with enhanced data to maintain and improve their financial health in a dynamic business environment; hover over features to quickly view information at the patient, location, procedure, physician or payer level

Web based solution with standard reports and the ability to customize or create your own reports

Robust dashboards with trending of vital practice metrics including detailed denial monitoring

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Coding & Documentation

Optimize coding and improve your revenue

Our professional coders remain current with radiology regulatory updates

Coding expertise in diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, nuclear radiology and radiation/oncology

Accurate procedure coding with a thorough and quick claims submission process

Tools and solutions to help radiology practices successfully transition to ICD-10

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Maximize negotiations and contracts with payers

Identify what makes a practice unique in their market such as offering PET

Remain current on rapidly changing pre-authorization requirements and trends by payer as evaluating and negotiating contracts

Review your payer contract rates in a side by side comparison

Measure the financial impact of contract fee schedule or proposed payer rate revisions

Reimbursement monitoring by payer

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EHR Systems

Optimize imaging workflow and patient care

Track patients’ medical and clinical information including reason for exam, lab values and allergies

We offer solutions that integrate with PACS systems

Help practices select, customize and implement a solution that will increase revenue and efficiency

Providers within the same group and practicing at various locations can use different EHRs without sacrificing interoperability

Help eligible radiologists get their incentives for EHR Meaningful USe

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  • Billing

    Get more reimbursement – faster

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  • Business Intelligence

    Actionable business intelligence fueled by web-based reporting

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  • Coding

    Achieve maximum revenue with optimal coding and documentation

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  • Compliance

    Reduce risk, optimize processes and boost reimbursement

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  • Contracting

    Negotiate and maximize contracts with payers

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  • EHR Systems

    Flexible solutions that support a healthy cash flow

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  • Marketing/Patient Engagement

    Nurture relationships and increase stakeholder loyalty

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  • Practice Management

    You take care of patients, we'll take care of the rest

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  • Satisfaction Research

    Turn data into actionable intelligence

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One Stop Shopping for the Business Side of Radiology

The Max360 Difference is a suite of solutions that provides seamless expertise across the practice management continuum. Our integrated solutions accelerate and increase reimbursement, provide critical business intelligence and stakeholder feedback, reduce administrative expenses and help physician practices realize their financial goals.

EHR Experience and Expertise

Our understanding of health care and medical practice operations and processes make us the ideal partner to help you successfully select, implement and utilize an EHR system.

Web Based Reporting

MaxIntel is our reporting and data visualization tool that provides quick and easy access to vital practice information such as aging, denials activity and trends.

ICD-10 Transition

The change from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will have a significant impact on almost every aspect of physician revenue cycle management and coding. The compliance date for ICD-10 is October 15, 2015. Find out how PracticeMax can help your practice successfully transition to ICD-10.

ICD-10 Information and Updates

Through our ICD-10 Resource Page, you’re able to view and learn more about ICD-10, training, and what you need to do to prepare for the ICD-10 transition deadline.

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