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ICD-10 is Here!

We developed this page to provide physician and provider groups with a one stop resource for ICD-10 information, resources and training. We hope you find this page valuable in your efforts to incorporate ICD-10 into your practice.

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PracticeMax ICD-10 Documentation Training Videos

Watch these short videos from PraticeMax to gain valuable ICD-10 documentation tips and requirements for common conditions such as abdominal pain and chest pain.

ICD-10 Educational Articles

Check out these articles from PracticeMax that contain a wealth of information to help practices successfully transition to ICD-10. Topics range from coding and documentation requirements, tips and examples, to the latest information from CMS.

ICD-10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PracticeMax has developed a list of frequently asked questions about ICD-10 and their answers.  Topics include changes in documentation requirements, the use of signs and symptoms, and cash flow.


It may seem overwhelming to remember the elements that must be documented in ICD-10 to capture detailed and specific diagnoses. One way to help ensure you are capturing details is to TALK SLOW. See how this tip can help you with appropriate and thorough documentation.

ICD-10 Code Look Up Resources

There are several resources for code look up and they all vary in their level of features and functionality.

ICD-10 Resources Available from CMS

Access to a multitude of resources from CMS aimed at helping physician practices of all sizes successfully transtion to ICD-10 by the October 1 deadline.

AAPC ICD-10 Coding Tools and Resources

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) has comprehensive information, tools and resources to assist providers with the drastic coding changes that will occur with ICD-10.

Do You Need Help with ICD-10?

PracticeMax tools, resources and training can help you succsessfully transition and beyond.

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ICD-10 Tools

Still Using Superbills? It Might be Time for a Change.

Paper superbills have the potential to increase in length significantly to accommodate the nearly 70,000 codes in ICD-10. Consider transitioning to a web based electronic charge documentation tool. PracticeMax’s MaxMobile is ICD-10 enabled and helps providers automate the administrative task of encounter coding while yielding improved cash flow and clinical efficiencies.